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GPLHS Alumni Recruitment Ideas

Have you thought about GPL lately?

  • think about the blessings of attending or having graduated from GPLHS

  • Summarize the mission and value of GPL in 3-5 sentences

  • think about how you would describe GPL to someone if you had only 30 seconds

  • prepare to share the GPL story


Do you like having and using printed material?

  • hang the "Glance at GPLHS" on your refrigerator

  • pull out and review your yearbooks; put one on the coffee table 

  • display memorabilia as conversation starters

  • ask us to send you items you can share with others


Are you creative?

  • Send us your ideas!


Do you know what life at GPL is like?

  • attend GPL events so you can see first-hand if/how things have changed

  • stop in the dorm and catch up with Carla (or give her a call)

  • ask a student about his or her impressions of GPL

  • if you can't attend events in person, tune in to the livestream


Are you online and into social media?

  • forward the monthly update from GPL to friends who might be interested

  • like and/or share GPL Facebook posts you find interesting

  • follow us on Instagram


Do you thrive on face-to-face interactions with people?

  • if you are near a Lutheran Elementary School, visit classes and interact with students

  • ask about visiting or spending time with confirmation classes

  • connect with parents of grade school students

  • listen for opportunities to talk about the blessings of Christian education

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