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Scrip Program

Scrip is a way in which GPLHS earns revenue as you make regular purchases such as groceries, clothing, household items, dining, etc. Instead of using cash or credit card, you use prepaid gift cards. These Scrip cards are purchased by GPLHS at a discount and sold to you at full face value.  Scrip earnings purchase non-budgeted items for GPLHS. In 2021-22 participant Scrip earnings averaged over $700 per week. Watch the video below to find out more.

**Please note there will be NO SCRIP ORDERS the week of December 26, 2022.  Since this is the Christmas Season, the mail is coming late.  Therefore the Scrip orders might be delayed a day or two.


Click the buttons below to access the forms needed to start using the GPLHS Scrip program.

Please note - We will NOT process Scrip orders the week of December 25, 2022.  Orders will be placed on Tuesday, January 3, and ready for mailing or pick up on Thursday or Friday, January 5 or 6.

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