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Fine Arts


GPLHS has many opportunities for students to grow in their instrumental abilities. Band is a course offered in grades 9-12.  All students in band have  the opportunity to march in two marching band festivals each year.  Individuals can also take part in the North Area Honor Band, audtion for the All State Band, participate in the Southern ECC Band Festival and travel for the WELS Regional Band Fest. Three concerts are performed each year. 


Choir is a class offered in grades 10-12. Students perform in three concerts each year. An audition based choir, Honor Choir, travels to area congregations to sing and participates in a biannual choir tour. They also have the opportunity to travel to the WELS Regional Choir Festival each year. 


For students with a dramatic flare, the fall offers an Oral Interp competition season, the winter offers the One Act Play competition and the spring offers the yearly drama production.

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