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GSI Thrift - 102 West Kemp Watertown, SD

GSI Volunteer Grant Program


What is the Volunteer Grant Program?

  • It is an opportunity to make financial aid available to  GPLHS students by volunteering at GSI Thrift.

  • It helps GSI Thrift by encouraging volunteerism and therefore generates more revenue which can be used to support GPLHS and other ministries

How does it work for the volunteers?

  • Volunteers become a part of the program by completing the volunteer registration form available by clicking the button below.

  • Volunteers work 96 hours between July 1 and June 30; GSI will give GPLHS up to $600 towards this grant program for every 96 hours worked.

  • One to three people may work together to get the 96 hours; individuals may work for up to three grants (288 hours).

  • Volunteers will have a training session in which they will learn about the various tasks that can be done.

How does it work for GPLHS students?

  • Any student enrolled at GPLHS may apply for a GSI Volunteer Grant after June 1; click the 'Tuition Grant Application' button below to print your form.

  • Applications must be received by June 30.

  • When a grant is awarded, it will be applied directly to the recipient's account for the upcoming school year. 

What if I have a question?

  • If you have questions, contact Karen Livingston (520-5839) or Liz Arndt (881-8010).

Watch this video to see what GSI is all about!

GSI Thrift Store is a non-profit resale shop located in Watertown, SD. They connect with thoughtful people who donate gently used goods to be sorted, cleaned and priced for resale by GSI's dedicated staff and volunteers.

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