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GPLHS Alumni Prayers

Prayer Support is one of the ways you can be a part of what God is doing at GPLHS.​

Prayers for GPLHS Students

  • adjusting to the school day routine and schedule

  • settling into life at the dormitory

  • patience and consideration with roommates and classmates

  • dealing constructively with homesickness

  • staying connected with parents and family members

Prayers for GPLHS Faculty and Staff

  • devotion to family and dedication to ministry

  • faithful preparation for various responsibilities

  • heath throughout the school year

  • energy and zeal for ministry

  • dedication to professional development

Prayers for Classroom Instruction

  • lessons that engage students with content

  • faithful attendance and preparation

  • willing and eager participation

  • growing gifts, ability, and confidence

  • students prepared to live and defend their faith

They all joined together constantly in prayer.          Acts 1:14

Prayers for Parents

  • commitment to Christian education

  • confidence in the decision to enroll children at GPLHS

  • flourishing relationships with their children

  • financial blessings and Christian stewardship

  • wise guidance of their children

Prayers for Co-Curricular Activities

  • opportunities for a wide range of interests and gifts

  • high levels of participation

  • growth in abilities and confidence

  • developing teamwork and complementary roles

  • experiences and training with life application

For All

  • staying connected to God through his Word

  • living as lifelong disciples of Christ

  • being what God has made us through Christ

  • all things done to the glory of God

  • a growing body of pray-ers and prayers

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