Financial Aid

GPLHS offers on average $50,000 a year in need based financial aid to 30 families representing 40 students


The Great Plains Lutheran High School Association recognizes that the cost of Christian secondary education can be challenging, especially for those with limited income. The Financial Assistance Program is designed to help parents meet the cost of this Christ-centered training for our youth.

How to Apply

Complete the Application for Financial Assistance and submit it together with a signed photocopy of your 2021 Tax Return (form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) and any other required documents to:

            Great Plains Lutheran High School

            1200 Luther Lane NE

            Watertown, SD   57201-8200

Association Support

The cost to educate each student at Great Plains Lutheran High School is significantly higher than the tuition rate. The difference is made up by the generous support received from association congregations, organizations, and individuals. This association support is automatically applied to each student who enrolls. Student families may make a donation to GPLHS to cover all or a part of this association support.

In addition to general association support, further financial assistance is available to those in need. The following guidelines are provided to help families with the financial assistance application process.

For more specific information about tuition, room and board fees for the 2022-2023 school year please contact the school -


Other Sources of Financial Aid

South Dakota Partners in Education  - Requirements:

  • The student lives in South Dakota while receiving the scholarship

  • The student is INCOME eligible

2022 - 2023 School year application is available now

Financial Assistance Guidlines

Financial assistance is available by application to all students who have officially registered at GPLHS for the next school year. In addition to the Application for Financial Assistance, a signed photocopy of the 2021 Federal Income Tax Return (form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) is also required. Proof of Social Security, AFDC, or other non-taxable income should also accompany the application.

On the basis of information supplied by the applicants, the Financial Assistance Committee will determine financial need.  All applications will be considered in the strictest confidence.

  • Those applying by May 15 will be notified of decisions by June 1

  • Those applying by July 15 will be notified of decisions by August 1.

Awards will be credited directly to the recipient's account according to their chosen payment schedule.

The amount of financial assistance in each case will be determined on the basis of financial need and the funds available for this program. Normally, financial grants are limited to 50% of tuition and fees; however, the Financial Assistance Committee may waive this guideline in cases of exceptional need.